Demowbray's Retinue

Mistress Catherine Demowbray

Mistress Emma has been with the Retinue since its inception. Her skills weave a complicated path between the kitchens and the high noble table as a lady-in-waiting. This means she may find her day filled with fine dining and or elbows deep in cooking pans.She is also an accomplished Western Martial Artist and rider.  Mistress Emma is a practicing Heritage professional working with a leading national Heritage charity.

Sir Ian Demowbray 


The title of Master at Arms is one that is hard won. Sir Ian is one of the few to carry it. An experienced campaigner, he has led Milady's troops over a myriad of fields, at home and abroad. He is a talented instructor in the Leichtenauer School of Arms, favouring the Longsword and Messer. His other abilities include skill with a needle - be it affixing wool, linen or leather scabbards. He is also very well versed in architecture and building techniques. He runs Milady's military matters with a keen eye and a wicked tongue for those that dare to cross him.
Sir Ian is a professional in the world of civil construction.

Mistress Emma Demowbray

Master Ralph AArken, Chamberlain

Mistress Catherine Demowbray can trace her learnings back to the earliest pioneers of Living History in the UK and Europe. Now a committed household member, her skills cover everything from scoring jousts as a noble to making nets as a commoner. Her dancing is renown, and she endeavours to correct the lumpen feet of the Retinue as Milady commands - gentlemen WILL dance. She is happiest when far from the kitchens -  unless she can tend the fire.
Mistress Catherine is a clinical medical specialist and a globe-trotting youth leader.

As Milady's Chamberlain, Master Aarken is responsible for the setting up of her Progress camp. He is her secretary, adviser and political companion. 
As is required by his role, Master Aarken is well-versed in the complicated histories of our period. He is an accomplished musician, scribe and artisan. He is also an authority on Holy Material culture, having composed a number of books on the subject. He personally created the Duchess' Triptych, following the rules laid down by Master Ceno Cennini in his  Libro dell'arte.

Master John Demowbray

Master John is a seasoned member of the Household. A trusted retainer, he is often seen at the High Table, serving the Duchess at the right arm of the Magister. However, his knowledge of etiquette and manners are easily matched by his mastery of the German Langes Messer, or Long Knife - of which he is a gifted instructor of the Lekuchner discipline. He also draws a yew bow in the service of Norfolk.
​Master John is a medical professional in the Emergency services.

Historical Interpretation