Demowbray's Retinue

So why do you do it?

So you dress up, then? 

So EVerything is authentic? Nothing Modern at all?

WHat on earth is 'Living History?

Well...yes. But its much more than that. Those clothes - or 'kit' as we know it - have to be based on either existing garments or copied from images of the 15th Century. This requires a lot of research, and experiments. The food we eat has to be right, too. As do the tools, the furniture, the get the idea.

Essentially, Living History is pretty much that – an attempt to interpret , and to a greater extent, recreate, the experience of living in another time. In the case of Demowbray's Retinue - the personal travelling retinue or 'Riding Household'​ - of the Duchess of Norfolk, in the 1470's and 80's.

Depends who you ask! Historic sites want us to bring their places to life. It helps their events, and brings a wider understanding of the pass to the public. We all have different reasons to be involved - it might be a particular area or interest. Overall there is a running theme between all members though - a passion for the 15th Century and its complexities. On regular occasions, there are no public involved; it is just us, doing our thing, in the past/present.

Wherever possible, yes. It seems silly not too! On occasion we may have to make way for some modern items - for example, hygiene when you are feeding 25 people is important, so we like our team to have modern toilet accessories!

Historical Interpretation