Historical Interpretation 

Demowbray's Retinue

who we are

we believe in that if something is worth doing, its worth doing well

We consider ourselves to be a more than one thing. We are historians, experimental archaeologists, educators, crafts men and women, martial artists and, to be fair - nerds. 

We like to learn, experience, share and have fun doing it.

The Legal part

The Retinue at Kloister Graefenthal, 2017 membership..

Demowbray's Retinue carries £10 million, Europe-wide Public Liability Insurances and all of its activities are fully risk assessed. Supporting documentation available on request. 

our Members SPEAK

The Retinue is drawn from experienced members of the Historical Community. Our numbers include professional historians, artisans, designers, engineers, educational specialists and much more. With a knowledge base covering everything from entomology to explosives, we thrive on growing our understanding and sharing it. 

our approach

"Where else could I spend my weekend living in a castle?"


"This is real. I'm learning from Masters that died 600 years ago."


"I think I may have found a home away from home"